Entity Linking

The command-line application for entity linking


python -m -c <config_file> -q <query>

If -q <query> is passed, it returns the results for the specified query and prints them in terminal.

Config parameters

  • method: name of the method
    • cmns The baseline method that uses the overall popularity of entities as link targets
    • ltr The learning-to-rank model
  • threshold: Entity linking threshold; varies depending on the method (default: 0.1)
  • step: The step of entity linking process: [linking|ranking|disambiguation], (default: linking)
  • kb_snapshot: File containing the KB snapshot of proper named entities; required for LTR, and optional for CMNS
  • query_file: name of query file (JSON)
  • output_file: name of output file

Parameters of LTR method:

  • model_file: The trained model file; (default:”data/el/model.txt”)
  • ground_truth: The ground truth file; (optional)
  • gen_training_set: If True, generates the training set from the groundtruth and query files; (default: False)
  • gen_model: If True, trains the model from the training set; (default: False)
  • The other parameters are similar to the settings

Example config

  "method": "cmns",
  "threshold": 0.1,
  "query_file": "path/to/queries.json"
  "output_file": "path/to/output.json"

Author:Faegheh Hasibi
class, entity, elastic=None, fcache=None)[source]

Bases: object


Scores queries in a batch and outputs results.

Performs entity linking for the query.

Parameters:query – query string
Returns:annotated query[source][source]