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Target Type Identification

The command-line application for target type identification.



  python -m <config_file> -q <query>

If `-q <query>` is passed, it returns the results for the specified query and prints them in terminal.

Config parameters

- **method**: name of TTI method; accepted values: ["tc", "ec", "ltr"]
- **num_docs**: number of documents to return
- **start**: starting offset for ranked documents
- **model**: retrieval model, if method is "tc" or "ec"; accepted values: ["lm", "bm25"]
- **ec_cutoff**: if method is "ec", rank cut-off of top-*K* entities for EC TTI
- **field**: field name, if method is "tc" or "ec"
- **smoothing_method**: accepted values: ["jm", "dirichlet"]
- **smoothing_param**: value of lambda or mu; accepted values: [float or "avg_len"]
- **query_file**: path to query file (JSON)
- **output_file**: path to output file (JSON)
- **trec_output_file**: path to output file (trec_eval-formatted)

Example config

.. code:: python

    { "method": "ec",
      "num_docs": 10,
      "model": "lm",
      "first_pass": {
          "num_docs": 50
      "smoothing_method": "dirichlet",
      "smoothing_param": 2000,
      "ec_cutoff": 20,
	  "query_file": "path/to/queries.json",
	  "output_file": "path/to/output.txt",

:Author: Dario Garigliotti

# -------

# Standard imports
from os.path import expanduser
import argparse
import json
from pprint import pprint

# Cross-ref imports
from nordlys.config import ELASTIC_INDICES, ELASTIC_TTI_INDICES
from nordlys.core.retrieval.elastic_cache import ElasticCache
from nordlys.core.utils.file_utils import FileUtils
from nordlys.core.retrieval.retrieval import Retrieval  # for TC TTI
from nordlys.core.retrieval.scorer import Scorer  # for TC TTI
from nordlys.logic.fusion.late_fusion_scorer import LateFusionScorer  # for EC TTI
from nordlys.logic.entity.entity import Entity  # for defining the higher-order entity-centric late-fusion assoc func
from nordlys.core.utils.file_utils import FileUtils  # for outputting
from nordlys.core.retrieval.retrieval_results import RetrievalResults  # for TREC-formatted outputting
from nordlys.config import PLOGGER  # for logging

# -------

# DBpedia distinguished metadata
RDF_TYPE_PROP = "<rdf:type>"
OWL_THING_TYPE = "<owl:Thing>"

# Methods and models
TTI_MODEL_BM25 = "bm25"

# Default values for several parameters
DEFAULT_1ST_PASS_NUM_DOCS = 50  # Efficiency-related setting; it should be enough for types

DEFAULT_TTI_NUM_DOCS = 10  # enough for displaying top types
DEFAULT_TTI_EC_K_CUTOFF = 20  # Known to be a sufficient cut-off

# -------

[docs]class TTI(object): def __init__(self, config): self.__check_config(config) self.__config = config self.__method = config["method"] self.__num_docs = config["num_docs"] self.__start = config["start"] self.__tc_config = { # only for TC TTI "index_name": self.__config["index"], "first_pass": { "1st_num_docs": DEFAULT_1ST_PASS_NUM_DOCS, "field": DEFAULT_1ST_PASS_FIELD }, } self.__query_file = config.get("query_file", None) self.__output_file = config.get("output_file", None) @staticmethod def __check_config(config): """Checks config parameters and set default values.""" config["method"] = config.get("method", TTI_METHOD_TC) # TODO decide config["index"] = DEFAULT_TTI_TC_INDEX if config["method"] == TTI_METHOD_TC else DEFAULT_TTI_EC_INDEX config["num_docs"] = int(config.get("num_docs", DEFAULT_TTI_NUM_DOCS)) config["start"] = int(config.get("start", DEFAULT_TTI_START)) config["run_id"] = config.get("run_id", "tti") return config def __valid_final_ec_type(self, t): """Assesses whether a DBpedia type t is valid to be returned for the entity-centric mapper. :param t: a DBpedia type shortly-prefixed URI, e.g., "<dbo:City>". :type t: str :return: a Boolean value assessing whether t is valid. """ return t is not OWL_THING_TYPE and t.startswith(DBO_TYPE_PREFIX) def __entity_centric_mapper(self, entity_id): """Gets the list of DBpedia types for a given entityID.""" en = Entity() all_types = en.lookup_en(entity_id).get(RDF_TYPE_PROP, []) final_types = [t for t in all_types if self.__valid_final_ec_type(t)] # filtering return final_types def __entity_centric(self, query): """Entity-centric TTI. :param query: query string :type query: str """ types = dict() # to be returned # Set the configurations model = self.__config.get("model", TTI_MODEL_BM25) ec_cutoff = self.__config.get("ec_cutoff", DEFAULT_TTI_EC_K_CUTOFF) self.__ec_retr_config = dict() for param in ["smoothing_method", "smoothing_param"]: if self.__config.get(param, None) is not None: self.__ec_retr_config[param] = self.__config.get(param) # Perform EC TTI using late fusion support late_fusion_scorer = LateFusionScorer(self.__config["index"], model, self.__ec_retr_config, num_docs=ec_cutoff, field="catchall", run_id=self.__config["run_id"], num_objs=self.__config["num_docs"]) ret_res = late_fusion_scorer.score_query(query, assoc_fun=self.__entity_centric_mapper) for doc_id, score in ret_res.get_scores_sorted(): types[doc_id] = {"score": score}"done") return types def __type_centric(self, query): """Type-centric TTI. :param query: query string :type query: str """ types = dict() model = self.__config.get("model", TTI_MODEL_BM25) elastic = ElasticCache(self.__tc_config.get("index", DEFAULT_TTI_TC_INDEX)) if model == TTI_MODEL_BM25:"TTI, TC, BM25") self.__tc_config["model"] = "bm25" # scorer = Scorer.get_scorer(elastic, query, self.__tc_config) types = Retrieval(self.__tc_config).retrieve(query) elif model == TTI_MODEL_LM: PLOGGER.debug("TTI, TC, LM") self.__tc_config["model"] = "lm" # Needed for 2nd-pass self.__tc_config["field"] = "content" # Needed for 2nd-pass self.__tc_config["second_pass"] = { "field": "content" } for param in ["smoothing_method", "smoothing_param"]: if self.__config.get(param, None) is not None: self.__tc_config["second_pass"][param] = self.__config.get(param) scorer = Scorer.get_scorer(elastic, query, self.__tc_config) types = Retrieval(self.__tc_config).retrieve(query, scorer) return types
[docs] def identify(self, query): """Performs target type identification for the query. :param query: query string :type query: str :return: annotated query """ # obtains types according to requested method method = self.__config.get("method", None) if method == TTI_METHOD_EC: # Entity-centric TTI types = self.__entity_centric(query) else: # default Type-centric TTI types = self.__type_centric(query) # sorts types sorted_types = dict() i = 0 for type_id, en in sorted(types.items(), key=lambda item: item[1]["score"], reverse=True): rank = i + self.__start sorted_types[rank] = {"type": type_id, "score": en["score"]} i += 1 if i == self.__num_docs: break # converts to output format res = {"query": query, "results": sorted_types} return res
[docs] def batch_identification(self): """Annotates, in a batch, queries with identified target types, and outputs results.""" queries = json.load(FileUtils.open_file_by_type(self.__query_file)) f_trec_out = None if "trec_output_file" in self.__config: # for TREC-formatted outputting f_trec_out = FileUtils.open_file_by_type(self.__config["trec_output_file"], mode="w") results = dict() for query_id in sorted(queries):"Identifying target types for [{}] {}".format(query_id, queries[query_id])) results[query_id] = self.identify(queries[query_id]) # Output resulting scores in TREC format if required if f_trec_out: type_to_score = dict() for d in results.get(query_id, {}).get("results", {}).values(): type_to_score[d["type"]] = d["score"] ret_res = RetrievalResults(type_to_score) ret_res.write_trec_format(query_id, self.__config["run_id"], f_trec_out, max_rank=self.__config["num_docs"]) json.dump(results, FileUtils.open_file_by_type(self.__output_file, mode="w"), indent=4, sort_keys=True)"Output file: {}".format(self.__output_file)) if f_trec_out: f_trec_out.close()
[docs]def arg_parser(): parser = argparse.ArgumentParser() parser.add_argument("-q", "--query", help="query string", type=str, default=None) parser.add_argument("-c", "--config", help="config file", type=str, default=dict()) args = parser.parse_args() return args
[docs]def main(args): config = FileUtils.load_config(args.config) tti = TTI(config) if args.query: res = tti.identify(args.query) pprint(res) else: tti.batch_identification()
if __name__ == '__main__': main(arg_parser())