Source code for nordlys.logic.features.ftr_mention

FTR Mention

Implements mention feature.

:Author: Faegheh Hasibi
from nordlys.logic.query.mention import Mention

[docs]class FtrMention(object): def __init__(self, mention, entity=None, cand_ens=None): self.__mention = mention.strip() self.__entity = entity self.__cand_ens = cand_ens def __load_cand_ens(self): """Gets candidate entities if they are not provided.""" if self.__cand_ens is None: self.__cand_ens = Mention(self.__mention, self.__entity).get_cand_ens()
[docs] def len_ratio(self, q): """Computes mention to query length.""" return len(self.__mention.split()) / len(q.split())
[docs] def mention_len(self): """Number of terms in the mention""" return len(self.__mention.split())
[docs] def matches(self): """Number of entities whose surface form equals the mention. Uses both DBpedia and Freebase name variants. """ self.__load_cand_ens() return len(self.__cand_ens)