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Top Fields

This class returns top fields based on document frequency

:Author: Faegheh Hasibi
from nordlys.core.retrieval.elastic import Elastic

[docs]class TopFields(object): DEBUG = 0 def __init__(self, elastic): self.elastic = elastic self.__fields = None self.__fsdm_fields = {"names", "categories", "attributes", "similar_entity_names", "related_entity_names"} @property def fields(self): if self.__fields is None: self.__fields = set(self.elastic.get_fields()) return self.__fields
[docs] def get_top_term(self, en, n): """Returns top-n fields with highest document frequency for the given entity ID.""" doc_freq = {} if self.DEBUG: print("Entity:[" + en + "]") for field in self.fields: df = self.elastic.doc_freq(en, field) if df > 0: doc_freq[field] = df top_fields = self.__get_top_n(doc_freq, n) return top_fields
def __get_top_n(self, fields_freq, n): """Sorts fields and returns top-n.""" sorted_fields = sorted(fields_freq.items(), key=lambda item: (item[1], item[0]), reverse=True) top_fields = dict() i = 0 for field, freq in sorted_fields: if i >= n: break if field in self.__fsdm_fields: continue i += 1 top_fields[field] = freq if self.DEBUG: print("(" + field + ", " + str(freq) + ")") if self.DEBUG: print("\nNumber of fields:", len(top_fields), "\n") return top_fields