Source code for nordlys.logic.el.el_utils

EL Utils

Utility methods for entity linking.

Author: Faegheh Hasibi
from nordlys import config
from nordlys.config import PLOGGER

[docs]def load_kb_snapshot(kb_file): """Loads DBpedia Snapshot of proper name entities (used for entity linking).""" if config.KB_SNAPSHOT is None:"Loading KB snapshot of proper named entities ...") kb_snapshot = set() with open(kb_file, "r") as f: for line in f: kb_snapshot.add(line.strip()) config.KB_SNAPSHOT = kb_snapshot
[docs]def is_name_entity(en_id): """Returns true if the entity is considered as proper name entity.""" if (config.KB_SNAPSHOT is not None) and (en_id not in config.KB_SNAPSHOT): return False return True
[docs]def to_elq_eval(annotations, output_file): """Write entity annotations to ELQ evaluation format. :param linked_ens: {qid:[{"mention":xx, "entity": yy, "score":zz}, ..], ..} """ uniq_annots = set() out_str = "" for qid, q_annots in sorted(annotations.items()): for annot in q_annots["results"]: if (qid, annot["entity"]) not in uniq_annots: out_str += qid + "\t" + str(annot["score"]) + "\t" + annot["entity"] + "\n" uniq_annots.add((qid, annot["entity"])) open(output_file, "w").write(out_str)"ELQ evaluation file: " + output_file)