Source code for nordlys.core.eval.plot_diff

Plot Differences

Plots a series of scores which represent differences.

:Authors: Shuo Zhang, Krisztian Balog
from matplotlib.backends.backend_pdf import PdfPages
import matplotlib.pylab as plt
from nordlys.core.utils.file_utils import FileUtils

[docs]class QueryDiff(object): SCORES = [25, 20, 10, 5, 0, -1, -5, -10] def __init__(self): self.width = 1 / 1 self.color = "blue"
[docs] def make_plot(self): """Make a bar plot using SCORES""" N = len(self.SCORES) x = range(N), self.SCORES, self.width, color=self.color)
[docs] def create_pdf(self, diff_file, pdf_file, title="", xlabel="", ylabel="", aspect_ratio="equal", separator="\t"): """Create bar plot for differences in pdf. This function is used to load difference .csv file, create bar plot and store as a pfd file. :pdf: created and saved pdf file """ data = FileUtils.read_file_as_list(diff_file) scores = [] for item in data: if "diff" in item: # ignore the first line(title) continue scores.append(float(item.split(separator)[3])) scores = sorted(scores, reverse=True) with PdfPages(pdf_file) as pdf: n = len(scores) x = range(n) plt.figure(figsize=(4, 4)) plt.title(title) plt.xlabel(xlabel) plt.ylabel(ylabel), scores, self.width, color=self.color) plt.tight_layout() # warning,still working pdf.savefig() plt.close()