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Facc to Mongo

Adds entity surface forms from the Freebase Annotated ClueWeb Corpora (FACC).

The input to this script is (name variant, Freebase entity, count) triples.
See `data/facc1/` for the preparation of FACC data in such format.

:Authors: Krisztian Balog, Faegheh Hasibi

import argparse
import os
import sys

from import Mongo
from nordlys.core.utils.file_utils import FileUtils
from nordlys.config import PLOGGER

# static key values
KEY_COLLECTION = "collection"
KEY_PATH = "path"
KEY_PREDICATE = "predicate"
KEY_LOWERCASE = "lowercase"

[docs]class FACCToMongo(object): def __init__(self, config): """Inserts FACC surface forms to Mongo.""" self.__check_config(config) self.__collection = config[KEY_COLLECTION] self.__path = config[KEY_PATH] self.__predicate = config[KEY_PREDICATE] self.__lowercase = config[KEY_LOWERCASE] self.__mongo = None @staticmethod def __check_config(config): """Checks config parameters and sets default values.""" try: if KEY_COLLECTION not in config: raise Exception(KEY_COLLECTION + " is missing") if KEY_PATH not in config: raise Exception(KEY_PATH + " is missing") if KEY_PREDICATE not in config: raise Exception(KEY_PREDICATE + " is missing") if KEY_LOWERCASE not in config: config[KEY_LOWERCASE] = True except Exception as e: PLOGGER.error("Error in config file: ", e) sys.exit(1) def __add_surface_form(self, surface_form, freebase_uri, count): """Adds a surface form.""" if self.__lowercase: surface_form = surface_form.lower() # Increases count; if the id is not associated with the surface form yet, it adds it with count. freebase_id = self.__convert_to_fb_id(freebase_uri) self.__mongo.inc_in_dict(surface_form, self.__predicate, freebase_id, count) def __convert_to_fb_id(self, fb_uri): """Converts /m/047b9p0 to <fb:m.047b9p0>""" fb_id = fb_uri.replace("/", ".") return "<fb:" + fb_id[1:] + ">" def __add_file(self, tsv_filename): """Adds name variants from an FACC tsv file.""""Adding name variants from '" + tsv_filename + "'...") infile = open(tsv_filename, "r") for line in infile: f = line.rstrip().split("\t") self.__add_surface_form(f[0], f[1], int(f[2])) infile.close()
[docs] def build(self): """Builds surface form collection from FACC annotations.""" self.__mongo = Mongo(MONGO_HOST, MONGO_DB, self.__collection) self.__mongo.drop() for path, dirs, files in os.walk(self.__path): for fn in files: if fn.endswith(".tsv"): self.__add_file(os.path.join(path, fn))"Collection " + self.__collection + " is built.")
[docs]def main(args): config = FileUtils.load_config(args.config) sfm = FACCToMongo(config)
[docs]def arg_parser(): parser = argparse.ArgumentParser() parser.add_argument("config", help="config file", type=str) args = parser.parse_args() return args
if __name__ == '__main__': main(arg_parser())